Toddler Program

15 months until 2.9 of age.

The Toddler schedule encourages learning to coordinate the
ever-advancing gross motor skills of this age group. Teachers bring in gross
motor equipment such as a balance beam, rocking rainbow and mini-stairs to name
a few. The toddlers begin to sit for morning group time, which includes songs,
stories, and shape and color recognition. Story time, both in groups and
individually, takes place throughout the day. In addition to working on
self-help such as hand-washing, dressing, putting on shoes and hanging up
jackets - they work on further skills such as setting out cups and napkins,
throwing away their trash after meals and cleaning up their toys. The toddlers
learn how to appropriately communicate their needs with the teacher’s

“Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life ”

— Maria Montessori